San Jose Nightlife

Besides the family-style movie, theaters, etc etc, Costa Rica has "adult" themed entertainment and offers an array day and nightlife for all tastes. Many of the "adult places" cater, not only to men, women, and gay/lesbian, but to couples that enjoy a bit of the wild side such as swingers and bi-sexuality. Even the strip clubs men and women offer lap dances.


It is estimated that between 15 and 25% of all visitors to Costa Rica have all or part of their vacation and travel plans is the prostitution and gambling that the country has to offer.


costa-rica-girlsEditor Note: If your sexual tastes extends to the under aged, be WARNED, the government will extend your vacation another 35 years at the famous, gray-bar hotel with NO help from any embassy. We also takes no responsibly of what is listed and should be used as a guide ONLY - Users use at their own risk.



San Jose


Many of the strip clubs in Costa Rica are in an area known as the infamous Red Zone (Zona Roja) of San Jose, which starts just one block north of the Central Market, and continues downhill to the river and old prison.


Zona Roja and  the  Dominican Zone are two of San Jose’s most notorious areas for high crime, like pickpocketing, drugs, assaults, and petty theft, so unless you know the area, or traveling with someone who does, it is advise to steer clear.

If you do go, make sure you take a taxi going and leaving.

Popular Locations


  • Hotel Del Rey
  • Pirate Club
  • Club Flamingo


Jaco's nightlife is world famous, and one of many reasons that this bustling beach town has become the most popular destination in all of Costa Rica! While most of the countries beach bars seem to close down or die out at night, it seems that the night time is when Jaco really comes alive.


With so many places to choose from we have a few we recomend and then there are a few to explore on your own here in Jaco, Costa Rica


  • Beetle Bar
  • Monkey Bar
  • Divas


Quepos is a sleepy little fishing village that is not very big, however the road from Quepos to Manuel Antonio is loaded with great Hotels, Casinos and Night Clubs. You will not find the great amount of working girls here but they are around, you can find them at:


  • Wacky Wandas - Pescadores
  • Sirenas
  • Lylas